We send out an email newsletter to thousands of subscribers each month hoping to pull them to our website. This is a great way to generate new demos for the sales team. However, while many subscribers visiting the site fill out demo request forms, many do not. We needed a way to know who visited our site, but didn't request a demo so we could reach out personally.


After integrating RocketBolt's lead tracking into our MailChimp newsletters, we were able to know exactly when each subscriber came to our website. We quickly uncovered 115 subscribers that didn't fill out forms after visitng our site. After reaching out, our sales team scheduled 24 demos leading to 4 closed deals that wouldn't have happened without RocketBolt.

Q: What does ShoeBoxed do?

ShoeBoxed helps individuals and businesses digitize receipts and automatically track spending data inside any accounting platform.

“We noticed a lot of our newsletter readers are not only reading the blog content we send, they're checking out our website's about pages and team profiles. They're interested in who we are. When reaching out to these readers, they've been happy and responsive!”

Q: Why did you try RocketBolt?

We had a seemingly simple problem. Many of the newsletter readers funneling to our demo request page did not convert into a demo. Rather than lose these opportunities, we began searching for a way to identify the non-converting visitors so the sales team could reach out directly. That’s when we discovered RocketBolt.

“It’s exactly what I was looking for,” says Lizzy. “Integrating RocketBolt with our Mailchimp newsletters lets us track individual newsletter recipients on our site. RocketBolt’s tracking info shows our sales team the best recipients to reach out to, and those reach-outs are generating over 100 more high quality leads each month so far.”

“In sales nowadays, you can't just wait for opportunities to reveal themselves. You need to be aggressive. You need to make the first move and go after your leads. You need to have a platform like RocketBolt to be successful.”
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