Our sales team was trying to use complex Google Analytics filters to identify which leads had visited our website. Unfortunately, this wasn't easy or possible in most cases. On top of that, even when we could identify a lead, finding their contact info was hard work. Altogether, we didn't have a viable process.


RocketBolt was able to deliver surprisingly accurate information about our website visitors. Daily reports and real-time notifications would let us know right when valuable sales leads came to our site, what pages they viewed, and for how long. We had their name, social profile, and contact info. It was a gold mine!

“One of the hardest parts of cold calling is timing. Unfortunately, most of the time is the wrong time. RocketBolt is the cold caller's secret weapon. Knowing when a potential sales lead is looking at your website is equal to knowing when they're interested, and that's the right time.”

Q: What is AdWerx?

AdWerx is an online advertising platform that simplifies location-based ad retargeting for real estate agents and other local business professionals.

Q: Why did you start using RocketBolt?

We needed to know when our most valuable sales leads were looking at our website, but the analytics tools we had couldn't identify specific leads. After asking around, it was recommended that RocketBolt could do exactly what we need, so we signed up for a demo and started a 30 day trial. Our sales team was quickly blown away with RocketBolt's tracking data and we've been a customer ever since.

Q: How are you using RocketBolt?

Our primary sales funnel involves a combination of outbound cold emailing and cold calling. The biggest challenge is timing our outreach. Most of the time, our sales leads are busy or couldn't care less, but we occasisonally manage to luckily contact a lead right after they engaged with a piece of our content or website. When that happens, the stars seem to align and selling is a breeze.

With RocketBolt, we get real-time notification when our leads engage with our content. Whether they've opened an email or visited the website, we immediately know. RocketBolt also shows us what website pages they looked at and for how long. We're also provided with the lead's contact info and social profiles, which saves a lot of time.

“Without knowing when our most important sales leads are on the website, we're in the dark - RocketBolt is our lightswitch.”

Q: What potential solutions did you explore before choosing RocketBolt?

We were intially trying to identify individual sales leads with complex Google Analytics filters, but this didn't really work. We also explored a couple IP tracking solutions that seemed interesting and made claims of showing what leads are on our website... however, all they really did was tell us something like, “Someone with a Microsoft-owned IP address is on our website.” Considering the thousands of employees at a company like Microsoft, that’s not very helpful.

Other options included the big players such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot, but we didn't want to be tied into such large, complex platforms, and we also didn't want to spend $1-20k per month just for a single lead tracking feature.

Q: How has RocketBolt improved your sales process?

Our sales team is closing deals 75% faster on average. We're identifying about 2.5x as many warm sales leads and timing of reachouts has become far more efficient. This is a direct reuslt of RocketBolt's ability to notify the moment a sales lead hits our website. Additionally, with RocketBolt showing us which website pages a lead has viewed, our sales reps enter calls armed with an understanding of the services they may be interested in. It's like having psychic powers.

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