AdBiblio’s sales team needed to book more product demos, but their lead development process was manual and time consuming. They relied heavily on cold emailing campaigns that weren’t efficiently converting leads into booked demos, and something had to change soon if they were to keep growing.


AdBiblio realized lead tracking and automation could be a game changer and partnered with RocketBolt in 2016. Since then, they’ve been able to identify top leads quicker and automate crucial touch-points, increasing booked product demos by 85% and gaining an additional $28,000 in recurring monthly revenue.

“When asking around for the best way to track the engagement of individual contacts within our email campaigns, one answer kept popping up - RocketBolt.”

AdBiblio sells a turnkey online advertising solution for independent book publishers and authors, and generates sales leads through their outbound email prospecting campaigns. Every month, they send up to 3,500 cold emails to various authors and publishers with the goal of booking over-the-phone product demos of their advertising solution. On average, around 60 of these emails converts into a demo. However, with limited time and resources, AdBiblio was finding it difficult to continue booking more demos with their current strategy. To keep growing, something had to change.

AdBiblio realized they needed to increase the efficiency of their email campaigns. Simply sending more emails each month wasn’t going to work without having more team members to field responses and develop the leads - an expensive and time consuming problem to fix. Instead, they needed a way to generate more product demos from the email campaigns already going out.

Rachel McGorman, AdBiblio’s Director says, ”We had reached the limits of what our small team could accomplish without automating at least portions of our sales funnel. We were eager to evolve our strategies, but the task of incorporating lead tracking and automation seemed daunting. It was time to get smart.”

Getting the Needed Insights

AdBiblio’s average positive response rates were hovering around 1% for their email campaigns, but they felt this could easily be higher. They decided the best way to boost conversions and uncover latent opportunities was to better understand their leads and to develop them with additional automated touch-points.

According to MailChimp - the platform AdBiblio uses to manage their email campaigns - a whopping 18% of recipients were clicking AdBiblio’s links to their website, to their blog posts, to their white papers, and to other content included in their messages. This presented a tremendous opportunity for optimization.

“About 1 out of every 100 emails we were sending got a positive response. However, with so many leads clicking through to our content, we suspected many more people were interested in what we had to offer and simply weren’t responding… we just needed a way of identifying these leads.”

Unfortunately, while MailChimp does show how many times email links are clicked, it does not say which specific links are being clicked or, most importantly, who is clicking and when - this is something the team at AdBiblio needed to know.

“There is no way for us to know what individual leads are doing, what they're clicking, or when they’re visiting our website or content. This is a problem.”

“We didn’t explore many solutions - we didn’t need to. RocketBolt was very easy and powerful; we knew it was the smart change we needed to get the results and insights we were looking for.”

An Essential Ingredient for AdBiblio’s Outbound

In order to find out who the additional 18% of potentially interested leads were in their email campaigns, AdBiblio partnered with RocketBolt.

“Adding RocketBolt’s lead tracking into our email campaigns was quick and easy. Their team helped us every step of the way, and once integrated, we had access to daily reports and automatically generated lists of our most engaged leads.”

Using RocketBolt, AdBiblio’s sales team was able to uncover over 300 additional sales leads to pursue each month. This is exactly the kind of latent opportunity they needed to uncover.

Building a Better Pipeline with Automation

In order to manage their larger sales pipeline, AdBiblio leveraged RocketBolt’s automation capabilities via their Zapier integration, which seamlessly connects RocketBolt to hundreds of software platforms and websites.

Through this simple integration, AdBiblio was able to automate lead touch-points based on RocketBolt’s tracking data. Their sales team no longer needed to tediously monitor engagement from their email campaigns and manually send follow-up messages.

“One of the most effective automation tasks we set up was with Twitter. When a lead landed on one of our website’s case studies, they received an automated tweet from our sales team suggesting another piece of our content. If they clicked that, then another tweet was sent shortly after asking to schedule a demo with us. It was all automated and it worked!”

Here’s the first tweet that would go out:

“Hey [@LeadName]! You might like this case study on how Harlequin reached 600k romance readers in 2 weeks w/ @AdBiblio: [link to case study]”

And here’s the follow-up:

“Hi [@LeadName], liked our case study and want similar results? Schedule your personal demo with us: [link to schedule demo]”

Huge Results and Big Plans for the Future

Automating these tweets alone captured an additional 28 booked product demos each month for AdBiblio’s sales team, and so they didn’t stop there.

“After seeing how effective it was to tie just a couple automated tweets to RocketBolt’s tracking data, we were excited to see how far we could take it. We went all-in on finding ways to automate as many touch-points as possible.”

All together, with RocketBolt’s automated touch-points in place, and AdBiblio’s sales team now reaching out to only the most interested leads, an additional 50+ product demos each month are being booked. This represented an 85% lift in booked demos, and from these, nearly $28,000 in additional monthly revenue.

“The results were phenomenal - RocketBolt enabled us to fill our sales team’s pipeline while also saving dozens of hours each week. Instead of spending time finding demos to book manually, the demos nearly began booking themselves and our sales team got to focus on what they do best, closing deals.”

Looking ahead, AdBiblio plans to continue developing automation-centered sales funnels that leverage RocketBolt’s lead tracking.

“We’ve taken some big steps as a team and as a company. Our sales strategies are smarter now. With the efficiencies we’ve gained incorporating lead tracking and automation into our outbound workflow, we’re ready to turn these steps into strides as we continue growing.”

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