Meet the Team

We’re passionate about building technology that's simple to use and solves big problems for sales teams.

Matt Hofstadt

Founder & Product Developer

Aaron Dinin

Founder & Backend Engineer

Andy Roth

Head of Customer Success

Our Investors

Other Investors & Advisors

Michael Olander

CEO, O2 Fitness

Raj Bhaskar

NextGen Angels, 500 Startups

Jonathan Perrelli

Fortify Ventures

Henry Copeland


Mark Easley

Angel, Intel, HP

Jeff Strief

Advisor, Ziff Davis

Chris Heivly

The Startup Factory, MapQuest Co-Founder

Dave Neal

The Startup Factory

John Wechsler

Taxi Ventures

Kelly Hendricks

Taxi Ventures, BLAST Media

Albert Cheng


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